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We are two churches,  St. Peter's Highspire and Trinity Steelton, who came together in order to share our various gifts so that we may spread the love of God to the greater Highspire-Steelton area. We are two congregations working as one in order to serve our neighbors and build a community around love of God and Neighbor. We take Christ's greatest commandment to heart and try our best to love in every way. Even though we may fail and faulter sometimes, our direction and intentions are on love, and we would love to have you join this pursuit with us.

Need Help?

We compiled a brochure that has all the closest agencies that can offer help to those located around Steelton and Highspire, Pa. 

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Helping people here and there
ChicaBean Specialty Coffee

We are partnering with ChicaBean, an all female coffee bean grower and distributor in Guatemala. They are paving the way for financial and personal freedom for women in Guatemala.

If you would like to help support ChicaBean, Tree4Hope and Renewed in Grace's mission of serving our neighbor, please consider purchasing ChicaBean Specialty Coffee through our affiliate link;

By clicking on the link above, you are supporting ChicaBean and Renewed in Grace as we recieve 15% of every bag sold through that link. Tree4Hope also recieves a small percentage as well!

Hope Academy Guatemala and Pennsylvania
A bi-lingual, STEAM focused and Faith Grounded educational opportunity for 3, 4, 5 and 6 year olds

Hope Academy PA Preschool at St. Peter's Middletown is enrolling new explorers for the '24/'25 school year and we need YOUR help to spread the word!  Please share with anyone you know who has preschool aged children or works with families.  Thanks to many generous donors, we have a scholarship program and are anxious to help as many children as possible have a quality preschool education!  Email for more information and follow us on Facebook at Hope Academy PA!


You can help these young people get a leg up in society by participating in our Scholarship Program. Your generosity will help underpriviledged youth in Steelton, Highspire, Middletown and the surrounding areas get a leg up in their education and help fight against generational poverty. Click the link to support young children in your area today! -> DONATE TODAY

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