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We are two churches,  St. Peter's Highspire and Trinity Steelton, who came together in order to share our various gifts so that we may spread the love of God to the greater Highspire-Steelton area. We are two congregations working as one in order to serve our neighbors and build a community around love of God and Neighbor. We take Christ's greatest commandment to heart and try our best to love in every way. Even though we may fail and faulter sometimes, our direction and intentions are on love, and we would love to have you join this pursuit with us.

St. Peter's Trinity
Helping people here and there
ChicaBean Specialty Coffee

We are partnering with ChicaBean, an all female coffee bean grower and distributor in Guatemala. They are paving the way for financial and personal freedom for women in Guatemala.

If you would like to help support ChicaBean, Tree4Hope and Renewed in Grace's mission of serving our neighbor, please consider purchasing ChicaBean Specialty Coffee through our affiliate link;

By clicking on the link above, you are supporting ChicaBean and Renewed in Grace as we recieve 15% of every bag sold through that link. Tree4Hope also recieves a small percentage as well!

COVID-19 Protocols

Renewed in Grace follows CDC guidelines. Due to the spike in the Covid-19 Delta Variant we are HIGHLY RECOMMENDING that all who enter our buildings wear a mask, vaccinated and/or non-vaccinated. We are still allowing singing in an abridged format. If you ever feel uncomfortable worshiping in person with us, we have a live online option and would love to have you join us!

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