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Torins Dream’s traces its inspiration to Torin Mikel Dworchak, an 18 year-old young man who was murdered in Harrisburg, PA. Torin had immense dreams for his future - to be a songwriter and performer. Growing up, Torin was faced with struggles and challenges, and his outlet for that was music. He would walk the halls of school with music in his heart, and come home to put his feelings and expressions on paper with the thought that someone else in this world was struggling with the same thing. Torin was always entertaining others and loved nothing more than to make people laugh. There was truly not a day in his life, he wasn’t thinking about making it big and entertaining through music and his unique sense of humor. Through his larger than life dreams, the blueprint for Torin’s Dreams was born. 

Although we all can not be on the sidelines to watch Torin achieve his dreams, we aspire to help others by supporting them in taking their next steps. We do this by giving individuals the platform to Teach courage, Motivate others, and Dream above and beyond. 

Our organization is compelled to sponsor dreamers based on specific criteria and finding creative and innovative ways to fund their goals and exceed their own expectations. For our dreamers, we are driven to fully maximize the resources donated, and help as many dreamers as possible. The act of making their dreams become reality could impact not only themselves, but their family, and the community. We want to help guide others towards future accomplishments and success and give them the opportunity to shine in the name of Torin who is shining his light from above.


Renewed in Grace Co-op is not a partner with Torin's Dreams. We are providing this information purely for convenience and education of services available to those in need.