I am introducing you to Fusion: one body, one Spirit (Youth of Harrisburg).  This group is for middle school and high schoolers and their leaders. Fusion is a great way for all the churches to work together and for us to build long lasting relationships with the youth. Here is a little bit of what we will be doing, I will be creating 3 meaningful experiences a year centered around Justice Ministries, we will attend some synod event, and start planning for the youth gathering in 2024.  

What do these 3 events look like?  We will have a one-day event where we will gather and talk about a passage then we will move into our small group time where we will share a meal and spend time working on out Justice ministry, finally we will close with worship and communion.  We will have a band and work for these events to be a meaningful time of building relationships and serving others.  

Upcoming Events 2023

Winter Fest: January 6th-8th

Synod Assembly Youth Day: June 3rd

Service Event: TBD



Alex Mabee

Harrisburg Area Youth Initiative Coordinator